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Jul 20, 2018

Dag witnessed a frozen water bottle clip Stever on his head! Janet shares with the boys about how book club was last night! Brendan pokes fun at Steve's Facebook live tutorial! Stever + Charlie + poopy diaper = Grandpa of the year? Find out!

Jul 19, 2018

Steve started his morning looking dapper with a fresh new haircut! Don't miss the facebook live tonight at 7PM! Brendan talks hometown dates on the Bachelor! Steve and Janet have two new house keepers! Plus it's Ask Janet!

Jul 18, 2018

A subscriber stops Frijole Joe at the bike shop to share her love for the boys. Steve gives a system update and schedules a live tutorial this week! A miffed Buzz emails Brendan about missing his nap to come pick up musical tickets! Plus your emails and phone calls!

Jul 17, 2018

Butcher burgers are on the menu tonight for the Dahl family! Brendan had a messy morning with little Hank! Steve left Buzz tickets to a musical at the office front desk and the boys investigate to see if they were picked up! The guys play customer service and listen to your phone calls!

Jul 16, 2018

Steve and the boys talk about the garage sale and the success that it brought. Janet joins the guys on the podcast to talk about her interactions with subscribers. A whiskey loving Brendan doesn’t want to part ways with his drink! Steve gives Dag the greatest gift a musician could ask for.