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Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the DahlCast! Enjoy this New Year'Steve & Garry pre-show at Steve's house from 1991. Steve gives an audio tour of his house as TV crews set up for the pay-per-view special. Janet is there at the house to help wrangle the crew. If

Dec 31, 2011

It's Mary's last day with the DahlCast and the show is kicks off with a special audio tribute to her work on the show. We talked to Jeff Joniak about the final Bears game of a dismal season. Buzz Kilman called in to warn about the end of the world and the

Dec 29, 2011

On the Thursday DahlCast we talked about Pete's year-in-review music list on Huffington Post. Then I checked out a TMZ video featuring Patrick Bertoletti. I called Mike Dahl who is down at the condo in Florida. Then I talked about my trip to the airport I

Dec 28, 2011

Wednesday's DahlCast began with a hearty debate about the differences between the Muppets and Sesame Street gangs. Frank Sennett called in to talk about Time Out Chicago's tips for New Year's Eve 2011. Janet is the newest person to make fun of our own New

Dec 27, 2011

On Tuesday's DahlCast I recounted the events of a very long Christmas weekend. Dinners were eaten, church was attended and dogs got sick all over the house. We talked to Tom Thayer about yet another dismal Bears game. I also gave my review of A Christmas