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Jul 29, 2011

Mary kicks off the Friday DahlCast with a filthy, Lenny Bruce-inspired example of how great the subscription service will be. Then I read about Lenny Bruce's Phil Spector-produced funeral. I also mediated a dispute between Gastronaut members Jim and Pete

Jul 28, 2011

Today on the DahlCast I talked to Jim about the new Superman movie, which is filming nearby. Pete is more excited about the Russell Crowe sightings. I read an article about a serial butt slasher terrorizing Fairfax, Virginia. Then I read about Alex run-in

Jul 27, 2011

Mary described a live Tell-a-Friend Tuesday she witnessed yesterday. Then I tried yet another method to clear up my throat issue in the basement. Ed called in to talk about the new subscription service and how and when they came up with most of the idea.

Jul 26, 2011

On the most important Tell-a-Friend Tuesday ever I talked about my appearance on Chicago Tribune Live yesterday. Then I ran through the unscreened voicemails that have been piling up. Laurence Holmes called in to chat about the new Captain America movie I

Jul 25, 2011

On Monday's DahlCast I recapped my day in Evanston for Ron Lewis' daughter's wedding. Janet and I stopped at some hipster coffee shop that used dirty, chipped mugs. I also detailed the embarrassing pee stain incident during a family barbecue. Then we to I