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Aug 31, 2011

Wednesday on the DahlCast I checked out the new Kelly Clarkson song, which Pete forced Jim to listen to on the drive out to the house. We talked to Time Out Chicago's Frank Sennett about their recent Food Truck Social. I also read about a New Mexico on

Aug 30, 2011

Tuesday on the DahlCast I talked about my Monday evening spent watching Lobstermen, which isn't very good. Then I read some listener emails. Keith Van Horne called in to talk about Bachelor Pad and the big Dancing with the Stars announcement. I talked to

Aug 29, 2011

Tom Thayer called in to talk about the third Bears preseason game. He also talked about Dick Stanfel's chances of getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I recapped my weekend in New Buffalo including my Monday morning search for baked goods. I ran on

Aug 26, 2011

Friday marked the 500th DahlCast! Things kicked off with a special treat bag from a listener and doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault. Pete recapped the CHIRP softball victory over WBEZ in irritating, sore-winner fashion. He brought the Kup's Cup, which he a

Aug 25, 2011

Kevin Pang from the Chicago Tribune called in to tackle the ketchup-on-hot dog debate with Jim. Things never got too fiery though because Kevin is so affable. I tried to open Frank Sennett's eyes to the scam that is NPR syndicated programming. Then he a