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Oct 31, 2011

Today on the DahlCast I announced a change of plans for tonight's Monday Night FootDahl Halloween party. We talked to Chris, the winner of the most recent Hawaii timeshare trip. Then I talked to Tom Thayer who previewed the upcoming Bears at Eagles game.

Oct 28, 2011

Friday on the DahlCast I talked about my trip to California and about my brother Rick, who passed away yesterday. We talked to Frank Sennett about Virgin America and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceport. Buzz called in to talk about the time he got

Oct 27, 2011

Jeff Joniak called in to talk about his trip to London. Jeff agreed with Tom that it was a great showcase for the NFL. Then I talked to listener Amy from Channahon, who was really thankful to have the DahlCast while she recovered from back surgery. We to

Oct 26, 2011

Wednesday on the DahlCast we talked to listener Christy who witnessed the glass-falling incident I was involved in at the Hawks game last night. Chef Hans called in to talk about his charity event with House of the Good Shepherd. We also talked about back

Oct 25, 2011

Tuesday on the DahlCast we talked about the upcoming Monday Night FootDahl Halloween party and whether or not I should wear a costume. Tom Thayer called in, fresh off his trip to London with the Bears. Tom talked about the game and what he did while he We