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Jan 30, 2012

Monday on the DahlCast I talked movies with Pete, Brendan and Jim. We also heard about Guns 'n' Roses' upcoming show at the House of Blues. I played a hilarious video featuring Snoop Dogg talking Kim Kardashian. Then I tried to get amped up for the Super

Jan 28, 2012

Take a trip down to the archives for a 1985 interview with Albert Brooks. Lost in America has just come out and Steve and Garry loved it. Albert does his classic Bob Hope impersonation. This segment also features Jim Johnson and Les Grobstein.

Jan 28, 2012

On the Friday DahlCast we said our farewells to the guy who played Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter. It reminded me of my disappointment in John Sebastian for doing that theme song. I played some tape from the Magic Cyclops/American Idol audition. Stephanie

Jan 27, 2012

Today on the Dahlcast I announced my plans for baby and dog rental services to help guys pick up women. I read about 50 Cent's Twitter/Super Bowl bet. Then Pete recapped last night's Soup & Bread event featuring his girlfriend Mollie. We talked to Pat

Jan 26, 2012

On the Hump Day DahlCast we talked about last night's State of the Union address. Then we discussed Brian Urlacher's Toradol revelation. Bill Barry from March of Dimes called in to talk about the Comcast Sportsnet Sports Awards, hosted again by me. I also