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Feb 28, 2012

Steve doesn't want to hear anyone asking a celebrity "who are you wearing" unless they're talking to Ed Gein or Jeffrey Dahmer. Pete whips out his sitcom cock to try to prove he knows more about sitcoms than Steve. Frank Sennett couldn't retweet Steve's a

Feb 27, 2012

Brendan and Pete are impermanently dressed in cold weather gear as the show kicks off, possibly for mountain climbing. Steve is unsuccessful in getting them to remove their gear. Pete violates YouTube copyright rules in order to be the first person the me

Feb 25, 2012

Journey back to the Hollywood of yesteryear with this week's Descent into the Archives. Steve and Garry parked themselves on the red carpet for the Oscars in 1985. This week's star-studded Descent features Ricardo Montalbon, John Malkovich, Phil Collins a

Feb 24, 2012

Snow makes Steve think of snowblowers, which makes him think something dirty. Steve's concerns about the quality of his local pizza place are put to rest during a Pizza Night in America in-show taste test. Mr. Skin presents the 2011 Anatomy Awards. and to

Feb 23, 2012

Steve returns from his GTL life in Florida for a weekend wedding. Janet is now allowing polygamy. Len Kasper calls in as spring training opens for the Cubs. He doesn't know if he should congratulate Theo Epstein for being traded for a middle reliever. is