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Jun 29, 2012

Today’s DahlCast features men of all kinds doing manly things that mostly amuse us, distract us and give us lots to talk about. Steve had to pull some serious man-of-the-house duties this morning. It’s finally time for his new fence to be installed. He

Jun 28, 2012

It’s been a while since class has been in session for Professor Steve Dahl and his teaching assistants Brendan and Dag, but today Life 101 from the DahlCast studios is open for enrollment. We begin class by learning the name that Steve prefers for his

Jun 27, 2012

When you have a rock legend stopping by your show, you tend to get a little nervous (if you're Dag, anyway), but Steve and the boys found a way to muscle through the nerves today and keep things positive and funny, as per usual. We’re positively stoked at

Jun 26, 2012

Today’s show comes at you fast and furious from the DahlCast headquarters, just like Steve’s 16” softball pitching. There is so much packed into today’s show, it really could have been two. We start with a stop by Music 101 with Dag and Steve and a of pal

Jun 25, 2012

There once was a man nicknamed Stever With a podcast, if you're a believer Sure, It costs a few bucks But he gets to say "fuck" And he still hates "Saturday Night Fever". The week kicks off gently and poetically, with talk of bikes, puppies, cribs