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Sep 28, 2012

From a young age we are taught that is it is better to give than receive. Stop by the basement today and check in on Steve and the DahlCast staff and learn that both giving and receiving have their benefits and downsides. Dag and Brendan received a in

Sep 28, 2012

Every time Roe Conn stops by the DahlCast we get a ton of inside scoops. From the real low-down on a Cook County Prosecutor who is not a great day-drinker, to a story about Garry Meier saying some wildly inappropriate things during a charity event, Roe at

Sep 26, 2012

For many years Steve Dahl has been blazing trails and going places that no one else would even dare go anywhere near. Today’s show takes our subscribers on an adventure of epic proportions. By now, you may have heard about the “butt-chugging” in or the

Sep 25, 2012

Chicago is proud of its many sons and daughters spreading their good work all over the world. From quarterbacks to hockey players, filmmakers to actors we like to make sure that the world knows that our people are from the Windy City. Join Chicago’s very

Sep 24, 2012

Steve is back from L.A. and is ready to start off another week of uncensored podcasting from his basement. He’s had enough of Hollywood, air travel and burritos. But can never get enough of letting his life play out in front of all of our hard-working us