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Jan 31, 2013

George Ryan is out of federal prison and checked into a halfway house near United Center. Steve thinks the former governor should try and stay there as long as possible instead of house arrest in Kankakee. He could hang out at Market with White Sox team a

Jan 30, 2013

Steve drives on the same road where Rick Ross was very nearly gunned down Sunday night in Ft. Lauderdale. Ricky Rozay smashed up his Rolls, but avoided gunshots, luckily. He has a love song that Brendan adores called “Diced Pineapples”. Ross also owns

Jan 29, 2013

Steve and Tom Thayer feel constant embarrassment when presented with old pictures featuring ill-fitting clothing. What were they thinking with their style choices? Much 80s wardrobe discussion on today’s Dahlcast. It turns out Mormon guys can gain into

Jan 26, 2013

Steve’s trusted seafood supplier is no more. The business has been sold to Canadians and they’ve changed the game. Fish for more details on today’s Dahlcast. A Chicago late night institution is hoping is in a similar predicament. Marie’s Riptide Lounge

Jan 25, 2013

North Korea wants to aim nukes at the U.S., according to Kim Jong Un. He should be careful not to hit Florida, where his dad’s favorite basketball player (MJ) lives. Today’s Dahlcast has more coverage of the rooftop/vacuum cleaner Floridiot All-Star.