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Mar 29, 2013

Welcome to the Good Friday life Where the Dahlcast likes Pope Francis Cause he washes more feet at the prison. Good Friday life, so keep it coming with Buzz He and Steve review Burt Wonderstone as it was Good Friday life it feel like family It

Mar 29, 2013

The Bulls stopped Miami’s 27-game winning streak with a win last night. Pat Boyle joins the Dahlcast to touch on the victory and talk Blackhawks. You can’t beat Big Bowl for top of the line Asian cuisine.Danny McGowan, Executive Chef Marc a

Mar 28, 2013

The government could come and kill Steve at any moment, just like they’re after crazy Alex Jones.They’re already spiking his tap water. Fears surface on today’s Dahlcast. Also on today’s show: a burly Serb won’t stop in at

Mar 26, 2013

Steve’s recent bagpipe experience left something to be desired. He validates his distaste on today’s Dahlcast. A sexually aggressive airline passenger found out the hard way that keeping your fingers out of a fellow flyers alley isn’t

Mar 25, 2013

From Grapefruit League to Cactus League, Steve covers the spring training beat. After a week in Arizona, Steve recaps the family vacation, his airline trouble and a touch of boogie boarding. When Tom Thayer isn’t lifeguarding the beaches of the