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Aug 29, 2014

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Steve laments the fact he hasn't been out on the boat at all this summer. Buzz saw James Brown fire his horn player mid-gig at a small club in the sixties. JB's show included a dozen encores complete with a cape.

Aug 28, 2014

Joan Rivers has a surgery scare while Chelsea Handler showers w/Ellen in her farewell. Janet shares her most awkward doctor's office moment. Steve congratulates guest Mr. Skin on 15 years. USC cornerback Josh Shaw's hero story is exposed as a lie.

Aug 27, 2014

Chicago celebrates its hometown heroes w/a Millennium Park rally for U.S. Little League Champs Jackie Robinson West. White Sox general manager Kenny Williams delivered a spectacular speech. Feeling celebratory, Brendan & Joe do college-style Jell-O shots.

Aug 26, 2014

Emmys wrap-up w/Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune on today's show, complete w/Sofia Vergara controversy. Plus, eldest Dahl grandson Henry pops into the studio to share details about his first day of school. Beyonce & T.Swift's vocals are exposed.

Aug 25, 2014

Joliet Catholic Hall of Champions inductee Tom Thayer is humbled by the honor. The ceremony is this upcoming weekend, centered around the football game vs. Providence. MTV VMA recap w/Miley's homeless pal & Suge's shooting. Burger King goes tax dodging.