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Oct 30, 2015

A very special and spooky DahlCast for you today! Be prepared to be shocked, skeptical, a believer, then skeptical again as the guys meet with intuitive psychic medium Susan Rowlen and reach out to lost coworkers and loved ones on this Halloween special!

Oct 29, 2015

Steve saw a car flipped over on the Stevenson, maybe he should drive a tow truck. A dead giraffe, a spill courtside at the Lakers game, there might be an incident today, old school dog ownership and enjoying the skybox view of being a proud parent.

Oct 28, 2015

Sam's Club makes Janet long for more kids to shop for and Brendan, the foster child, made it to the Bulls big game last night. A sex fast isn't like breakfast, doing everything but, Blue Bell in a measuring cup & reeling in the misguided mermaids of ASMR.

Oct 27, 2015

Steve wonders what it would be like to keep a paintball gun in his car and Brendan talks about youthful dime bag exploits on the West Side. Steve loved Supergirl, a forgotten bow tie, free pizza at the Scientology center and how to make the 6:22 train.

Oct 26, 2015

Brendan is becoming quite the inspired sandwich artist and both Dag & Steve enjoyed a rockumentary jag over the weekend. Watching sports with Mary, embracing yard work, straight fire with Lupe Fiasco, the Hoch stops by & Steve's ASMR factory dream begins.