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Feb 28, 2017

Taco Monday with Janet saved the day after yesterday’s radio show blues. Steve is back in studio today and venting his frustrations. Also the merits of a Rolex watch and memes of Nicole Kidman at the Oscars. Plus the #petcrunchchallenge continues!

Feb 27, 2017

Steve and the guys kick off a new week reacting to last night’s 89th Academy Awards Ceremony. Steve recaps an annoying trip to the hardware store and they all see the fruits of their photo shoot last week. Plus Dag reads another Mike Dahl Yelp Review!

Feb 24, 2017

Steve and the guys kick off the Friday podcast by laying out their weekend plans. Steve and Janet still have some Oscar movies to watch before the awards Sunday and Brendan a topic on Eric & Kathy again! And some of your phone calls!

Feb 23, 2017

Steve and the guys are feeling good after a sexy photo shoot before the podcast! Steve’s feeling a bit bullied by his kids about peeing on the bathroom floor, and the guys debut a new segment where Dag reads Mike Dahl’s Yelp reviews. Plus Ask Janet!

Feb 22, 2017

Steve and the guys react to news of the Chicago Bears seeking to trade Jay Cutler. More audio for the #petcrunchchallenge and Steve finds an old radio skit about newlyweds. Plus “Abe” Lincoln returns to finish recounting the tale of him and Joshua Speed!