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Apr 30, 2018

Brendan went back to the all inclusive lifestyle in Mexico and did some drinking, karaoke, and rendezvousing. To celebrate his homecoming, Brendan treated Dag to a strip tease to show his sunburnt athletic build. Stever is happy that his head is attached to his body!

Apr 27, 2018

Brendan went to Mexico today and left the boys with a parting gift...Brendanisms. Steve and Dag talk lobster rolls, Abba's return to music, and horse racing! Plus "Parks and Recreation" actor Jim O'heir stops by the studio!

Apr 26, 2018

Dag had a terrific lunch of a lobster roll from downstairs! Stever shares a story about him becoming music director at KPBB! It's Ask Janet where she offers relationship advice, talks Hamilton and dogs, and turns the table on Brendan to ask him a question!

Apr 25, 2018

Grandpa Stever and his legacy are hot topics on this Guacamole Wednesday! A search for the perfect email of the day becomes a competition between Steve, Brendan, and Shawn! You be the judge! Plus some awesome bike talk!

Apr 24, 2018

Steve misses riding his bike and starts his day with a nice walk with Rosie Dahl. Brendan shares a story of a man who's survived a snake, bear, and shark attack. The guys talk exercise, Naked and Afraid, plus your calls!